River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

Join with us as we continue our work for the establishment of safer communities through partnership and collaboration, embedding best and new practices in existing systems and facilitating cutting edge dialogues, workshops and trainings buoyed by our ongoing commitment to prevent, reduce and heal from violence in all forms.

It is estimated that in the United States alone, the cost of interpersonal violence is over 300 billion dollars per year. Yet, it is largely preventable when a coordinated and strategic approach is taken with community, local and state agencies. The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding takes this very approach, addressing violence with a continuum of prevention and intervention strategies that involve the general public, at-risk populations, and those that are healing from the impact of violence by embedding best and next practices into the complex systems.

Upcoming Events



Thursday, May. 28th, 2015 from 3:30 PM 
at CIED Center, 530 West University Avenue

Join with a unique blend of community partners who together have taken a multidisciplinary approach to address the causes and consequences of trauma through a coordinated comprehensive community effort that would respond to and foster resiliency and healing.     www.peace4gainesville.org



Exploring The Masculine

Saturday, Jun. 6th, 2015 until June 7
Must register by Tuesday, Jun. 2nd, 2015

This retreat is for men looking to:
* make major life changes
* face fears that limit them
* move from isolation to friendship and brotherhood
* discover purpose, energy, aliveness
* find out what Men's Work is all about

Facilitated by Eric Diamond, Jeffrey Weisberg & Michael Broas

Micanopy, Florida

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Compassionate Communication

Saturday, Jun. 20th, from 10 AM until 5 PM
at RPCP Office, 322 SW 4th Avenue
Must register by Friday, Jun. 12th, 2015

Join us on Saturday, June 20 for this special communication workshop in which we discuss, interact, and practice each new concept and skill offered. You can expect to:

* Understand your triggers and develop skills for self-connection
* Shift your patterns of thinking
* Listen in a very different way
* Be heard and get your needs met more frequently
* Discern between feelings and thoughts; needs and strategies
* Discover the impact of making true "requests"
* Communicate more clearly and resolve conflict with compassion
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Compassionate Communication Workshop

Saturday, Jul. 25th, 2015 from 10 AM until 3 PM
Must register by Tuesday, Jul. 21st, 2015

This workshop is for individuals who have attended one of the previous workshops or those who have a basic understanding and some personal practice with the principles of Nonviolent Communication. 

If this is you, then we welcome you to strengthen your skills and awareness toward connection with others.  We will work on our reactive responses and role play real-life and mock scenarios. After a discussion of the overview of Compassionate Communication, the focus will be on practice.

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The mission of RPCP is to enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities by providing and promoting the best practices and principles of peacebuilding and global sustainability.